Labour’s Hunting Scam


Countryside folk expressed surprise and outrage last week when the leaked Labour manifesto contained a pledge to defend the now failed hunting act. Naturally to them, none of this makes sense. The good people of the countryside are responsible for the vast majority of animals in the UK and apply the highest and strictest animal welfare standards anywhere in the civilised world. Yet along comes an urban politician and labels them cruel and barbaric often accompanied with the excuse “I know some people in the Countryside, they vote Tory and they want a ban”.

By merely suggesting hunting is cruel they are saying they believe our countryside folk who practice these highest animal welfare standards in the civilised world while feeding the nation would choose a method of fox control the Politician believes would cause cruelty and all because they have been told by animal rights groups looking to make money from campaigns and causes that country folk like watching animals suffer. Well of course they would say that. Campaigns and causes are cash cows – the animal rights groups and charities are retirement homes for Labour politicians.

Of course, none of this makes the slightest bit of sense. Politicians need the countryside vote and abusing folk with accusations of cruelty is not exactly going to win the hearts and minds of the people, now is it? A quick look at the political map and we see how utterly offended theses folk are, the conservatives simply rule the countryside because they don’t stoop to label country folk cruel and barbaric.


So, what is the real motive behind Politicians banning hunting?

It’s the filthy lucre. Politicians from different parties want to get their paws on the eye watering, wallet-busting bungs swilling around on offer from animal rights fundamentalist groups. They want to secure these bungs for their party and they don’t mind signing up to label and abuse country folk to get them.

The story of the payments begins in 1951 and when we see the first ever recorded occurrence of the now tried and tested letter writing campaigns from a few thousand individuals using post codes of others to make out their numbers are greater, asking for a hunting ban. This forces the Labour Government to hold an inquiry, only for hunting to be cleared of all wrong doing and even the RSPCA speaking out in favour of hunting with dogs.

“There are, on the other hand, some organisations which have been formed solely for the purpose of securing the prohibition of a particular sport or all field sports. In the main such organisations seek to convert public opinion to their point of view by pamphlet, advertisements and press propaganda, and by Parliamentary action instigated by pressure on Members of Parliament which is both direct and indirect, through letters which constituents are invited to send to their representatives.”  Govt Inquiry 1951

So, a new strategy is devised by the antis and along with the now obsessive letter writing campaigns come the bungs to the political party most likely to obtain power and support the animal rights fundamentalist cause. Put crudely, a bung for a ban begins.

During the eighties, £400k in today’s money is handed over to Labour to support a ban on hunting. Only Labour were not in office and would want a whole lot more money to divide the nation. So, when it looked like they would get to power in 1997 a feverish letter writing campaign began along with a bank busting million green backs landing in their account courtesy of the Political Animal Lobby, helped with a whopping £600k loan from IFAW. This secured the ban and other political parties looked on, green with envy.

By 2010 it was game over for Labour and they were booted out of power but not before receiving £250k from PAL to defend the hunting act. Again in 2015 PAL coughed up another £250k for them to defend the hunting act but also tackle the claimed cruelties of shooting. This was just another ruse made up by Labour in the belief they would win the election and so with the hunting ban safe they, along with their paymasters in the animal rights groups, they could attack and abuse the shooting community with accusations of cruelty.

Then disaster struck, Labour were beaten again and were completely wiped out in Scotland. Fear not, the SNP who for decades had looked on enviously at the vast sums channelled into Labour’s bank account, now ran with their begging bowl to the fundamentalists and a £10k bung was duly given with promises of more. Another obsessed email campaign from people not even living in this country leads to an inquiry into the use of a pack of hounds.


Are Politicians not briefed and told to ignore the obsessive letter writing scam by fundamentalists when they take office? If not why not?

The bungs continue:

Another £250k was donated to Labour in 2015 and still Labour have no means to repay. They are even further away from power. Enter Labour MP and Animal Aid, a group with two convicted criminals as employees and a cause to ban livestock farming as well as shooting. The best Labour can offer is to find a way to ban shooting owned by Natural Resources Wales and we await the outcome of a review taken over by the NRW after Carl Sargeant planted the seed and legged it. And guess what folks? the NRW were deluged with e-mails from animal rights fundamentalists from across the globe calling for a ban on shooting on their land, I bet you never saw that coming?

All this money and corruption swilling around you have to feel sorry for the Lib Dems, they have for the best part been abusers of country folk with accusations of cruelty and yet never got a penny for their troubles.


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