Divine Wind?

BY JAMES FAULKNER This is the first Tory government since Thatcher – but is it too late? The “KamiKwasi” budget is how an apoplectic media establishment is framing Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng’s so-called “fiscal event”. Prime Minister Liz Truss’s new finance minister aimed to shock and awe the markets – and he certainly did. Sterling tumbled to an all-time low against the almighty … Continue reading Divine Wind?

An IMF-Run Scotland?

BY EFFIE DEANS Alex Salmond apparently wants the Scottish Government to begin immediate negotiations for independence with the British Government if his Alba Party helps Scottish nationalists to gain a super majority. It would be amusing if Boris Johnson replied, there’s no need for negotiations you can have your independence immediately starting today. The conditions for separation could be remarkably simple. Scotland would receive a … Continue reading An IMF-Run Scotland?

Lagarde for BoE? Non!

BY ALEXIA JAMES Christine Lagarde – the French lawyer and politician who has been the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since July 2011 – tends to snap up top jobs. She is an inspiration to women everywhere, especially those who complain about the glass ceiling for women in the workplace. Previously, Lagarde was the first female chair of the international law firm … Continue reading Lagarde for BoE? Non!