Red Underground

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN In 1972 in Venezuela a meteorite killed a cow, but no one knew about it for years because the farmer ate the cow and then used the meteorite as a doorstop. It is curious how some people are drawn towards publicity and others, for whatever reason, shy away from it. It can be the same within the ebb and flow of British … Continue reading Red Underground

Momentum is Dead

BY JOHN ISMAEL The organisation has polarised Labour politicians and journalists since its inception. Some have compared it to the Militant tendency within the Labour Party. Whatever one’s thoughts on the organisation’s policies and Life of Brian style governing committees, People’s Momentum used to be relevant. So significant that some Tory activists grew scraggy beards, ditched deodorant, cultivated blackhead farms on their noses and plucked … Continue reading Momentum is Dead

Shy Labour

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The suggestions coming from inside the Labour Party and Momentum that they should set up a “Rebuttals Unit” after their shellacking in December’s General Election are somewhat amusing. As if merely rebutting the truth would have assuaged Corbyn of guilt or shall assist any future Labour leader. To understand the way these Hard-Left Labour drones think one must never fail to remember … Continue reading Shy Labour