Not Labour Anymore


Was Thursday 7th November 2019 the day when Britain finally realised that the party calling itself Labour is no longer? Was this the day that those Britons who have voted for Labour all of their lives finally understood that it was true that their old party was now in the hands of anti-Semites and Marxist thugs? Did the block vote mullahs comprehend the newsflash – that votes at a national level for a party of charlatans would merely sully their cause?

Losing a Deputy Leader is bad enough. Tom Watson was always hated by Hard Left Momentum, so the whooping and dancing of those brainwashed bigots was unsurprising. It was when the realities behind Watson’s departure became apparent at breakfast time yesterday that the extent of Labour’s adulteration under Corbyn became defenceless and exposed – for all Labour voters to see. Did the penny drop then?

Ian Austin’s emotional revelations about just how bad Labour has become were surely the wake up call that traditional Labour voters needed. Even if they found Austin’s advice to vote for Boris Johnson unpalatable, surely they must have then realised that voting for the Brexit Party or anyone but Labour was now their national duty. How can decent Brits associate with the racists and Britain-haters now running Labour?

The Labour thugs soon responded to Austin’s reality by claiming the BBC was biased and unfit to call itself the national broadcaster – kill the messenger in true Maoist style. They claimed that Watson and Austin were Tories. A tweet by Austin about bestiality was brought forward to discredit him. “Even if Corbyn is corrupt,” wrote one horrified Labour supporter, “Boris is more corrupt.”

There was a big hole in Labour’s campaign ship for all to see. How on earth could they repair it? Tory cock-ups in day one of the campaign seemed a distant memory – the party once called the Labour Party was no more. The body-snatchers were being exposed.

John McDonnell took to the stage in Militant’s home-ground, in Liverpool. “Ex-Labour MP Ian Austin is employed by the Tories,” he explained. Fake news proliferating – “Ken Clarke will not be voting for the Tories”, “the NHS is being sold off to Trump” and “Labour have done everything possible to tackle institutional anti-Semitism in the Labour Party”. Fact checkers everywhere pointing out that McDonnell was just making stuff up. For Postmodern Marxists truth is relative after all.

And the traditional Labour voter? As they sit there in their armchairs looking across the room at those framed photographs of soldier ancestors and past generations looking back at them, what is their patriotic duty now? It is their turn to protect the homeland from these enemies of Britain masquerading as Labour. No doubt about it. It is surely way beyond time to stop the rot – to put these Hard Left usurpers back in their box.

How can any Britain-loving patriot vote Labour at this election? How? Labour Brexiteers are lucky in that they can justifiably vote for the party in their constituency which is most likely to hand them Brexit. What about the majority of Labour Party voters, who are remainers? Spoil their vote?

As the afternoon came, Laura Pidcock became associated with the Labour Party Deputy role. That same chicken brain who bought a ‘superb’ three-bedroom house in a historic village just weeks after saying her Commons wages meant she was too poor to own a home. Laura Pidcock? Seriously?

It is easy to see what is going on in Labour. The party is being hollowed out by the Trotskyites. The Corbyns, Lansmans and McDonnells are surrounding themselves with brainwashed and malleable thickos. Useful idiots. In just four years Labour has become the Socialist Worker Party. Its antisemitic Palestine flag-waving nutjobs smell 10 Downing Street and the demise of the one country on earth that has always resisted their poison. Voting for what Labour has become is a vote for Gerry Adams, for Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah and for Hamas’ Khaled Mashal. Vote Labour – Vote Terror. Vote Labour – Vote Racism.

What to do about Labour? How to get back the party that even Tories admit did some good over the years?

Annihilate Labour at the ballot box in December. Expose their boxes of corpses’ votes. Break the block votes. Warn your children and grandchildren about who Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell really are – if they don’t believe you then show them the undeniable evidence that has their string-pullers in such a tailspin. Force them to listen to Ian Austin, who has done Britain and true Labour values a huge service by exposing, and continuing to denude, the traitors in our midst.

Victoria Bell is an examiner from Leeds.