Join the Red Dots


Back in 2006 when the Islamist cleric Omar Bakri held evening chats with his Britain-based acolytes on Pal Talk from London, the conversations were often impossible not to chuckle at. Hours would be spent discussing “sins” like masturbation and ankle revealing. It was a sin to lie on your back and cross your feet, having photos on the wall of your home was haram, while the punishment for having unmarried sex was whipping with a hundred lashes and then being exiled for a year. In between all this rubbish, Bakri would come out with opinions like bombing Dublin is virtuous. Listening through all the other rubbish would be worth it – the case for expelling this evil manipulator from Britain was mounting, both evidentially and politically.

Laughing at Bakri’s odd followers was par for the course back then. Anjem Choudary seemed just as weird with his pronouncements and it was hard to get the images of Choudary as Andy, the beer-drinking law student and ladies’ man, out of your head as he spouted bile based on his crackpot version of puritan Islamism. Choudary was much more careful with his words, but his followers knew exactly what he meant. Just look at what suicidal Khuram Butt did a decade on from those Pal Talk conferences, or (circled) Siddhartha Dhar, “Jihadi Sid”, the Isis executioner, who was also a member of that Pal Talk group.


Therein lies the warning. For it is those who we laugh at who often become the most dangerous to us and our civilisation in the end.

Think back to that heady summer of 2015 when victorious Conservatives could not stop laughing at the Labour Party. The bumbling Miliband was gone, and a Labour leadership election depended on party member votes. Tories started joining the Labour Party online to wreck Labour and vote in the whiskered weirdo, Jeremy Corbyn, as the final nail in the coffin of a party that had held back Britain for so many years with its covetous socialist policies; trickle-up poverty based on a splurge then bust.

When Corbyn won in September that year, the laughs continued to reverberate across Britain and much of the rest of the world. They lasted all the way up until June last year when he almost made it into Downing Street. Since then, the laughing has stopped. Not out of respect for Corbyn, who is a poisonous, old fool. Out of fear for what Corbyn’s ally Jon Lansman has done to headturn our young and draw so many of them into the red cult he was brainwashed into as a youth. Out of distress caused by Theresa May’s failure to see off the most pathetic opposition in British history. Out of worry for the future, which could be wrecked by these reds and their useful idiots.

I admit, I too used to laugh at Corbyn and his small crew of Trots. I underestimated their powers of persuasion and their union backing, as we all underestimated the power of the words of Bakri a decade earlier. Now, I look at all these groomers afresh – as a genuine threat to Britain’s future.


Join the dots.

Corbyn wears Lenin’s cap with pride. Lenin was an evil tyrant with blood on his hands. Under Lenin’s rule, there were 28,000 executions every year and he ordered the creation of the Cheka, the secret police organisation which was a model for Hitler’s Gestapo. Corbyn wearing Lenin’s cap is the equivalent of a fascist sporting a Hitler moustache.

John McDonnell happily waves around Mao’s red book in the House of Commons. Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed 45 million in four years, making him the greatest mass murderer in world history. It was not a Jamie Oliver cookbook that McDonnell the Lyncher pulled from his pocket.


Dianne Abbot and John McDonnell happily stand before the coffin of their comrade Redmond O’Neill in ’09. The coffin is draped in the communist flag, bedecked with a wreath in the form of a hammer and sickle. This is not a skit for some comedy show.

Jon Lansman – the “brains” behind the Corbyn operation, and owner of Momentum – is apparently a Dererite (the gradualist communist revolutionary strategy advocated by Vladimir Derer). His comrade from the AWL, the Trotskyite Martin Thomas, confirms as much in a letter to him in December 2016. Yet Lansman, while claiming to support “Democratic Socialism”, as if that is the kind of socialism that a government might possibly get elected on, privately amongst comrades talks of “Vladimir”. This is not Vladimir Derer but Vladimir Lenin. The founder of Momentum is talking about being under the guiding influence of Vladimir Lenin. In February 2017. Despite all the evidence that exists about what a vile individual Lenin was.



The former Communist Party Chairman Andrew Murray was seconded from Unite to Labour headquarters for the 2017 general election, having previously defended Stalin.

Seumas Milne is the Labour Party’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications. Yes, that Seumas Milne…


So let all that sink in. There are plenty more dots to join. Just one conclusion to reach:

Britain has cancer, and is in desperate need of chemo.

We laugh at our peril at the red peril which is proactively poisoning the minds of our kids while calling for the voting age to be reduced to 16 and for the Monarchy to be beheaded. We even laugh at the term red peril. We laugh at Abbot’s maths, Corbyn’s shell suits and McDonnell’s blatant lies. We laugh at the slob McCluskey as he falls down the stairs.

But this nightmare is real. As real as Khuram Butt’s trail of destruction in Borough Market and on London Bridge.

Until an antidote to Corbyn’s Labour is found, the Devil Lenin is alive and his influence is growing in Britain. It is our duty to dispatch him and put Labour down.