Labour’s Terminal Antisemitism

BY JOHN ISMAEL News that Jeremy Corbyn will sit down with Jewish Leaders makes me chuckle. I can imagine some of those leaders who show up will make the Labour Leader squirm and simply make an appearance to make him feel that bit more uncomfortable and awkward. Everyone knows Labour’s (let us stick with this word even though the Labour Party used to be nothing … Continue reading Labour’s Terminal Antisemitism

Livingstone’s Venezuela

BY JAMIE FOSTER On slow news days in August we have come to rely on Ken Livingstone to say something publicly to get tongues wagging. Interviewed last week by Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio he didn’t let us down. Asked about the current Venezuelan crisis he came up with two reasons for Venezuela’s problems. Firstly, he claimed that they had failed to follow his economic … Continue reading Livingstone’s Venezuela

Socialist Action – The Bomb Under Labour

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN (Continued from here)  Quick Background: Socialist Action are a Trotskyite entryist organisation founded in 1982 when the International Marxist Group entered the Labour Party and changed its name to the Socialist League. The group became generally known by the name of its publication, Socialist Action, which first appeared on  the 16th March 1983. In September 1983, assuming that the Labour Party’s actions against Militant … Continue reading Socialist Action – The Bomb Under Labour