Socialist Action – The Bomb Under Labour

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN (Continued from here

Quick Background: Socialist Action are a Trotskyite entryist organisation founded in 1982 when the International Marxist Group entered the Labour Party and changed its name to the Socialist League. The group became generally known by the name of its publication, Socialist Action, which first appeared on  the 16th March 1983. In September 1983, assuming that the Labour Party’s actions against Militant groups would extend to Socialist Action as well, the group decided to disappear from public view, taking measures to guarantee invisibility. Members were assigned pen names and met in an assortment of pubs. The group adopted an entryist strategy “to protect members from any potential Militant-style purge”.


Now, many of your closest aides – some of the ladies known as “Ken’s wimmin” – they were Socialist Action people, weren’t they, Mr Livingstone? Your Mayoralty team members back in 2001 – Jude Woodward, Anni Marjoram, Mark Watts, John Ross – were all Socialist Action members. They have never denied it, even when asked by Channel 4’s Dispatches.

And Socialist Action adores America and despises extremist Islamism, right? Which is why none of them would ever celebrate 9/11, correct?



Socialist Action Trotskyites despise America, detest Israel, denigrate their own country, Britain, as an imperialist warmonger, support extremist Islamism, call the Falklands Malvinas and have been IRA fans – terrorist sympathisers – even during the darkest days of the Troubles.

Here are a few choice snippets from their Twitter timeline of late:






If you want reminding of Socialist Action, Mr Livingstone, then please have a ganders here. That would be the same Socialist Action described in 2008 as “Militant Political Plotters who ran City Hall”.

Your City Hall – while you were Mayor (at a time when these Trotskyites showed some loyalty and didn’t divulge all to politically centrist capitalists like me).

A cadre which seeks a communist revolution and believes that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a “tragedy for humanity”? I mean, really! What a bunch of sick anoraks! All those millions of murders later? They can’t be serious!

Here’s the Socialist Action website today promoting Gerry Adams’ tribute to Fidel Castro on its front page. Here’s where they cover their member, and your close Mayoral aide and employee, Redmond O’Neill’s funeral at which a tearful you and Diane Abbott spoke.


Socialist Action’s support over the years for the IRA and extremist Islamists is, frankly, vomit-inducing, don’t you agree? And leopards don’t suddenly change their spots just because you hired them to work for you as Mayor of London.

The truth is you’d not have punished Socialist Action members, who were your staff, for celebrating their sick beliefs on 9/11 as you knew full well all along about their paramount disdain for the US; how they viewed Islamist terrorists as the lesser evil, if as an evil at all.

So this was another lie:


(Ken Livingstone Quote copied directly from The Daily Mail, 1st December 2016)

So, bo****ks back to you, Mr Livingstone.

Socialist Action was instrumental in getting you elected to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee in 1987 and 1988. Back in the 1980’s the group adopted you as a figurehead, regarding Arthur Scargill and Tony Benn as spent forces. Whose faith in you was repaid by you giving them cushy jobs when you were Mayor of London.

You yoked them. You surrounded yourself with Socialist Action devotees. They were your team. In spite of you knowing full well they were a Trotskyite entryist terror-apologising organisation harbouring sick and dangerous views – twisted views that are unpopular and despised across Great Britain.

In 2007 you stuck your neck out for them again – changing the GLA rules so that your eight key advisers, four deeply associated with Socialist Action (including John Ross and the late Redmond O’Neill), who as temporary appointments would not normally have been entitled to severance pay, received an average of £200,000 each.

Socialist Action members of your Mayoralty have not just retired on their golden handshakes have they, Mr Livingstone? They are at the very heart of Labour in 2016:

“Members of a Trotskyist entity calling itself Socialist Action to which John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn are closely associated

Simon Fletcher – who has been on the Socialist Action central committee – was appointed Corbyn’s Chief of Staff and is now Labour’s Director of Campaigns and Planning while your mate John Ross has been linked to Corbyn’s inner circle.

Entryist Trotskyists are popping up all over Momentum at the moment too:

“The dyed-in-the-wool Trotskyists are not the majority in Momentum. But they are a vocal, disruptive and overbearing minority who have won themselves key positions in the regional committees, national committee and even the steering committee,” wrote Laura Murray only this Monday. Her piece was covered in the Guardian the same day.

By putting Socialist Action on the public teat during your Mayoralty, you – inadvertently – planted a bomb under Labour of 2016. Socialist Action would have broken up by now if it wasn’t for you. And Corbyn, McDonnell and Lansman know it too well. Privately they want you gone. They are permanently tarred by the words and actions of Socialist Action and its Trotskyite offshoots – they know full well that if the public knew what today’s Labour Party really represented, as your Tourettes keeps letting on, then they’d not win a single seat in a UK General Election.


Because Brits were disgusted by what Al Qaeda did that day. They are disgusted by the IRA. Disgusted by Hizbollah. Disgusted by any people who could possibly consider having you as a figurehead – the man whose default word is Hitler. They find Socialist Action’s policies warped and would never vote for them, even disguised as Labour.

I feel most sorry for those Labour-supporting, working class families whose sons died in Afghanistan and Iraq. How would they feel reading what Socialist Action people – your people – say about the British Army.

Just …. sick.

The Tories and others have until the next General Election to get that message out there.

Labour’s gone if they do.

All Labour’s opponents need to do is out the Trotskyites in Corbyn’s team and across Momentum … and Labour will be blown to smithereens. As if Labour weren’t already massively exposed by Rotherham, PIE, Co-op, PFI cronyism, mass immigration, betraying the working class … now by Socialist Action Trot fanatics cheering on 9/11.

You didn’t reprimand your wimmin that day because you know and accept that is how they are. That is how they think. At heart they are Britain-hating, US-hating, IRA-supporting, anti-Semitic Bolsheviks.

In the words of Labour MP John Mann, who you called a mad nutter (just as you intimated at our friend Mr Singh) you too are a disgusting racist. At least, you surround yourselves with them. They are your chosen political family.

It was you who fed Labour’s cancer, Mr Livingstone. And now the cancer’s terminal.

Socialist Action is the bomb waiting to go off underneath Labour and those who despise Labour will find the fuse.

It is time for you to walk off the public stage for good, Mr Livingstone. It would seem that your newts need some serious Daddy time.


13 thoughts on “Socialist Action – The Bomb Under Labour

  1. Brevity is the soul of twit ter, hardly applicable to blogs IMHO. This socialist, metro liberal world is alien to those of us grounded Labour supporters, who, daily, help out with all sorts of community and individual issues. Today,CSM, I was, a consumer protection legal advisor for an hour; why? Because local council services have been cut to ribbons!

  2. If Corbyn goes he’ll be replaced by another Far Left candidate. So, either which way, Labour has gone. If this message gets through.

  3. Repeat again; no chance of a moderate, pragmatic “lefty” comment on this story being published.

  4. A tribute to London as a City,that it could survive being run by a bunch of deluded vermin. We of course always knew that Red Ken was a dangerous nutter but was never aware of the scale. This really opened my eyes. Given the politics of these people we assume the vast pay off’s were either returned or passed to a charity, well filthy lucre’s not something they would be contaminated with.

  5. The irony of this take-down of Livingstone and his fools being published from Venezuela is delicious.

  6. Every Tory, Lib Dem & UKIP activist should read this. If they do, Labour will be annihilated. Not one seat in the UK will be within their reach. They’ll be reduced to a few “anoraks” as you call them on some random council in Merthyr Tidfyl

  7. When you said Dom that you were planning to explain how two women cheered 9/11 I thought you’d be explaining how they were mentally unwell. Maybe they are. But basically what you are saying is that a political grouping actually believes this sh%t? Disgusting. Great work.

  8. Pulitzer! I just cannot believe what I am reading. How the hell did we let these people near power in the first place???????????????????

  9. Labour is dead. You’ve basically laid out the method of killing them off. If the election is in 4 years time then that is plenty for the MSM to shine a light on all the Trots. Unbelievable work. This is turning out to be a crackerjack of a magazine.

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