Diane Abbott’s Spiteful Victimhood

BY STEWART SLATER Bill Hamilton and George Price were eccentrics. Hamilton would die after an expedition to the Congo to prove his thesis that HIV arose from the oral polio vaccine, while Price cut through his carotid artery with a pair of nail scissors. However, they were scientists and so eccentricity was no barrier either to pursuing a successful career or to producing important work. … Continue reading Diane Abbott’s Spiteful Victimhood

Pecksniffian Labour Hypocrites

BY ALEXIA JAMES “I can’t stand Demi Lovato,” my friend Alice complained, “she’s so fat”. Alice is a dress size 12, weighs 15 stone and is five foot four. She’s definitely fat. She really shouldn’t be calling anyone fat. There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy about these days…. “Private schools prop up the class system in society,” Diane whined. “It is inconsistent, to … Continue reading Pecksniffian Labour Hypocrites

The Blind Labour Timebomb

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN “What we see the public sees,” so claimed a friend this week, discussing the horror show that Labour (and the non-conservative part of the Conservative Party) has become. His theory was that the general public know that Corbyn is a terrorist-sympathiser and an anti-Semite; that Emily Thornberry is a hypocritical prig; that anti-McDonald’s John McDonnell is a rabble-rouser with a penchant for … Continue reading The Blind Labour Timebomb