The Blind Labour Timebomb


“What we see the public sees,” so claimed a friend this week, discussing the horror show that Labour (and the non-conservative part of the Conservative Party) has become. His theory was that the general public know that Corbyn is a terrorist-sympathiser and an anti-Semite; that Emily Thornberry is a hypocritical prig; that anti-McDonald’s John McDonnell is a rabble-rouser with a penchant for mass-murdering Mao. As if the public now know that Jon Lansman – the Momentum founder and key player in the Corbynite Hard Left thrust for power and revolution – is a multi-millionaire communist and benefits from a property chain which includes McDonald’s restaurants. “They see through the hypocrisy,” he claimed, confidently.

I disagree with my friend.

You see, while actual Corbynites can be written off – they are too brainwashed to bother ever opening their eyes – there are plenty of people in the UK who go out and vote but who have no idea who Lansman is. And the worrying thing is that they always vote Labour because that is what their ancestors have done for generations and this feeling of solidarity with loved ones trumps sense. These voters have no idea that the vote for Labour their parents made – for Blair, Brown, Callaghan, or Wilson – is now a vote for Lenin in a shell-suit. And they will keep on voting blindly for Labour as the red rose is ingrained in their psyche. They have no idea Labour has been compromised and that Britain-hating Islamists and Trotskyites now don red rosettes.

Watch what happens in Peterborough today.

The Brexit Party has a slim chance of winning the seat but just watch the number of votes that Labour gets, despite the jailing of their Labour ex-MP Fiona Onasanya and despite the rotten state of Labour. Brexit will have diminished the numbers of Labour’s blind voters, but rest assured they will still appear – myopic sheep – in great numbers. Come a General Election across the country, Labour’s  blind voters will usher in a Corbyn Government (especially if the Tory vote is watered down by Brexit Party votes and a Lib Dem revival), likely allied with the red SNP. An alliance of traitors will be voted into power by those who cannot see what they are doing – guarantees of block Labour votes (often coming from pre-arranged religious bulk sources) and a well-invested Labour campaign machine on the ground trained to persuade (lie) to muster votes from the politically apathetic and the vulnerable, even yoking the votes of dead people in many constituencies.

What are the solutions?

First, a coordinated exposure of the cadres who have stolen Labour. A clear and definitive exposé of Britain’s enemies in red. Focusing on the worst of the hate-mongers – the Labour-associated trolls and Labour-co-opting Islamists – who find themselves on the wrong island. Providing incontrovertible evidence for those who cannot see that Labour is not what it used to be.

Second, a campaign aimed at the blind Labour voters, which works. Either scaring the living bejesus out of them – surely there is someone left in Charlotte Street capable of creating an ad campaign that shows the consequences of turning Britons into starving, rat-roasting Venezuelans? Or, better still (Project Fear has made Brits somewhat immune to scare tactics) a campaign that inspires by contrast and gives the blind Labour voters real hope (waking them up to their continued poverty under Labour despite all the party’s promises over so many years). We need to expose Labour down to its last troll so successfully that we laugh them out of British politics – laughing at Diane Abbott is not enough.

Third, a Tory leader who can dissolve the Brexit Party by doing what the Brexit Party wants while taking a load of Labour voters with them. That must be Boris – the others do not stand a chance of creating the necessary wave of good hope. Highly competent Gove is voter repellent, Hunt is continuity May, Raab seems not who he says he is, and the other candidates are unqualified.

Sorry to be the harbinger of grim news – Corbyn will be Prime Minister in 2022, with Sturgeon his lickspittle. Britain faces separation and socialist oblivion unless all three of the above come to pass in a winning way now.


In times of optimism about a Brexit Party revival of democracy, yes – these conclusions may seem like party-poopers. But the reality is there for all to measure. Open your eyes, Britain. It shall be grim if the Tory revival fails to occur and Brexit is not properly delivered. The great threat to the nation is in England and Wales where voters blindly vote as their ancestors voted – we must open their eyes or watch our great nation brought to its knees by a red tsunami that threatens to engulf us all.