What’s Rewilding & Who’s it for?

BY DAVID EYLES For some time now, I have been searching the fogs and mists in the outer reaches of the conservation movement in an attempt to give shape and meaning to the term┬áRewilding. In wrestling with the dream-like world of rewilding, the more I read, the more it becomes a fantasy built upon an illusion. Background There is a strange fluidity about the distinction … Continue reading What’s Rewilding & Who’s it for?

An Open Letter to Michael Gove

BY DAVID EYLES   Open letter to the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 2nd October, 2017 Dear Mr Gove, As you are aware, Lynx UK Trust has recently submitted an application to Natural England for a licence to release Lynx into Kielder Forest. Archaeological and historical evidence suggests that Lynx died out in Britain sometime in … Continue reading An Open Letter to Michael Gove