Cough Up, Pipsqueak

BY JOHN ISMAEL Imagine a career politician with little to zero experience of the real world outside of the Labour Party. Imagine that career politician having the gall to represent the weak against the strong. Imagine a constituency full of ethnic minorities and struggling families having this third-class career politician foisted upon them as their MP. Now imagine how they feel when that MP deludes … Continue reading Cough Up, Pipsqueak

From Undressed to Impress

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN As we’ve found for ourselves during these first two months here at Country Squire Magazine, the public read what takes their fancy. They don’t read any old thing thrust in their faces. The process of knowing what tickles one’s readers is a process of trial and error. Success emanates from dexterously riding waves of public interest and by reflecting their will, as … Continue reading From Undressed to Impress