Shady McGrady

BY QUENTIN PIGG One of the more memorable lines from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet – perhaps because the film contains so few – is Isabella Rossellini saying: ‘You put your disease in me’. That was of course a reference to rape. So why am I reminded of that line when reading less poetic ones in newspapers detailing the National Trust’s – more leap than lurch … Continue reading Shady McGrady

LACS Bullies the National Trust

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ The bullying and harassment of the National Trust by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) under the veil of a right to protest is an utter disgrace. The League hope to ban hunting on National Trust property by slowly bleeding them out with hundreds of fake news stories referencing “illegal” hunting. Soon you won’t be able to search for … Continue reading LACS Bullies the National Trust


BY CHARLES EVANS Berrington Hall is a country house located north of Leominster, Herefordshire. During the 20th century it was the seat of the Cawley family. It is a neoclassical country house building which was designed by Henry Holland in 1778-81 for Thomas Harley. It has a somewhat austere exterior, but the interiors are subtle and delicate. Berrington Hall is home to the Elmar Digby … Continue reading Berrington