BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I was down in Cornwall for the Coronation bank holiday. I was getting to grips with court papers. Let’s not go there – some of you may know why. I spent the following Tuesday – and half of Wednesday – getting cross-examined. The peace of a holiday home perched on top of a cliff above a beach turned out to be a … Continue reading Cordelia

RSPB Might As Well Be Run By Foxes

BY BERT BURNETT How much wildlife have we lost through conservation charities like RSPB due to their management choices? RSPB have managed Abernethy estate for capercaillie for over 25 years and have succeeded in reducing the capercaillie population by 75% minimum. They also inherited with the purchase a healthy population of mountain hare and upland waders etc., the hares have all but gone and the … Continue reading RSPB Might As Well Be Run By Foxes