Belief or Submission?

BY ALEX STORY We live into the epoch of Utopia. We have left reality firmly behind. Seeking Utopia in this life, as the good book says, is to will “Hell on earth”. Nothing demonstrates our descent into extremist folly more than Net Zero. Few believe but many submit to this craze for fear of denunciation. The concept is hazy, which is the basis of its … Continue reading Belief or Submission?

The Scouring of the Shires

BY RORY CRANSTOUN In an episode of Chopper’s Politics, I was unfortunately reminded of Boris Johnson’s plan to usher in a so-called ‘green industrial revolution’ in Britain. Obviously another crypto-globalist fever dream poorly wrapped in Conservative paper, the Tory drive towards ‘net-zero’ is nothing more than another example of the all familiar promises to greenify our society. ‘Green’ public transport. ‘Green’ electric vehicles. ‘Green’ buildings; whatever … Continue reading The Scouring of the Shires

Let’s Not Be Sri Lanka

BY JIM WEBSTER Sri Lanka has been the victim of a government organised experiment. In April 2021, the government imposed a nationwide ban on the importation and use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and ordered the country’s two million farmers to go organic. It may well be that this wasn’t so much ideological as a desperate attempt to keep money in the country. It backfired. … Continue reading Let’s Not Be Sri Lanka