British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

BY NOEL YAXLEY Should Britain pay reparations for slavery? In recent years this question has come to dominate political discourse and help propel the racial justice movement into the mainstream. During the recent Royal Caribbean tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton were filmed enjoying local cuisine and engaging in a spot of Caribbean culture. But in what was a carefully managed PR campaign, we saw … Continue reading British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

Just Not Cricket

BY NOEL YAXLEY The decision by the BBC to relieve Michael Vaughan of his commentary duties with Test Match Special for the upcoming Ashes series for something he might or might not have said over a decade ago should have us all worried. The speed at which he was ousted is symptomatic of the corporation’s passive acquiescence to identity politics.  Vaughan, the former England batsman … Continue reading Just Not Cricket

It’s For Our Own Good?

BY NOEL YAXLEY Imagine going into a restaurant for something to eat. You sit down and start to peruse the menu. Only for your order to be denied because your body mass index is too high.  Well that nightmare may soon become reality. This is the news that from January the government will be launching a new digital anti-obesity scheme. The HeadUp app will track … Continue reading It’s For Our Own Good?