A British Institution

BY ALEX STORY As winter gives way to spring and days lengthen heralding a longed-for summer, the eighteen men of Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Club can now rest their limbs having met yesterday on the Tideway, the 4.25 mile stretch of the Thames that runs through London from Putney to Chiswick Bridge. The first race, in 1829, took place 14 years after the end … Continue reading A British Institution

The Unions & the U-turns

BY BEN IRVINE This is an essay about the driving role that public sector unions have played during the coronapanic debacle in Britain. It’s a long essay, but I hope you’ll stay with me, because the topic is extremely important. I’m going to reveal to you some shocking incidents that you may not know about. For instance, you may not know that the first lockdown … Continue reading The Unions & the U-turns

Interview from Coronavirus China

The Editor of Country Squire Magazine interviews a German business colleague, Jürgen, who is stuck in his apartment in Shenzen in mainland China. While Jürgen is allowed out, he lives in fear of high-handed Chinese police officers and someone in his building getting Coronavirus. Jürgen is a made-up name – there have been police crackdowns on those in China telling the truth about the situation … Continue reading Interview from Coronavirus China