Society of the Perpetually Offended

BY BEN PENSANT Unless you’ve been asleep for the last month you can’t fail to have noticed Stop Funding Hate breaking the internet after self-righteously hounding Paperchase and Pizza Hut for doing promotions with newspapers they don’t like. As a result, they’ve been recruiting new supporters daily, some of whom have even read up on the campaign, and SFH’s stated aim of political censorship-via-corporate blackmail. … Continue reading Society of the Perpetually Offended

Thoughts of a Leftie

BY BEN PENSANT A common misconception of the regressive left is that we hate anyone who disagrees with us. From smearing people who voted to leave the EU as bigoted morons to branding liberals like Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz ‘anti-Muslim extremists’, the accepted wisdom is that we refuse to tolerate opposing views, especially ones which expose our ideology as hypocritical horse-shit. However, as anyone … Continue reading Thoughts of a Leftie