BY BEN PENSANT Pop Quiz: Who harassed a marginalised WOC (Woman of Colour) for supporting someone who believes Jews want to turn black men gay? Who smeared PM Corbyn as an anti-Semite just because he was a member of an anti-Semitic Facebook group? Who accused the Dear Leader of being a Putin stooge before sneakily making him appear more Russian by digitally altering his iconic … Continue reading Ziodegradable

Black Red Mason

BY JOHN ISMAEL AEJ Khalil is an Islamist extremist bigot who runs the Twitter account @AEJKhalil. Like other more extreme supporters of the Free Syrian movement, Khalil seeks the creation of an islamic state under sharia law. Khalil expresses support for Jaysh-al-Islam and delights in posting Isis videos of captured Syrian child soldiers and graphic images of the corpses of burnt Shia with such delightful … Continue reading Black Red Mason