Black Red Mason


AEJ Khalil is an Islamist extremist bigot who runs the Twitter account @AEJKhalil. Like other more extreme supporters of the Free Syrian movement, Khalil seeks the creation of an islamic state under sharia law. Khalil expresses support for Jaysh-al-Islam and delights in posting Isis videos of captured Syrian child soldiers and graphic images of the corpses of burnt Shia with such delightful comments as:

Hezboshaytan terrorist barbecue in #Qalaman


Like many of the Islamist extremists who post their brothers’ propaganda out of Syria, Khalil is a hater – vehemently anti-Semitic, anti-Shia, anti-American, detests Assad and Putin and many believe he’s a full-blown ISIS supporter.

Last week on July 17th Khalil posted the following post:


Let’s be clear. Ahmad Musa Jibril is an Arab-American Islamist preacher who has influenced Westerners to fight in the Syrian conflict. From his home in Michigan, Jibril produced Internet lectures that advocated a Salafist version of Islam that praises jihad. One of the suspected attackers in the June 3rd, 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack was reportedly radicalised while watching Jibril’s videos online.

If you openly support Jibril, as Khalil proves he does by posting this tweet, you are a supporter of jihadi Islamist terrorists. You certainly don’t merit owning a twitter account and your followers deserve close inspection.

It’s not surprising that AEJ Khalil has several foreign journalists as his followers. It’s a lot easier for such journalists to rely on someone with close ties to the terrorists – however sick their intentions – than risking travelling in person to these Islamist extremist-infested warzones. But it’s another thing having followers liking and retweeting tweets from this account. Reporting on Khalil’s bulletins and perhaps using the footage he produces is understandable but there’s no need to like it.

So, what a shock it was for a young Country squire researcher to find none other than Paul Mason – the ex-Newsnight journalist and now frontline Labour activist – liking the following tweet and keenly following @AEJKhalil.

mason syrian refugees camp

Why would this visiting professor at the University of Wolverhampton, Mason, risk following and liking an extremist like Khalil? Why like the deaths of 14 refugees and the report of 100’s wounded in a Syrian refugee camp? Why associate in the first place with such extremist Islamist headbangers who want to kill gays, impose their violent version of islam on the world and force their barbaric customs on the civilised world?

The Black-Red Alliance seems alive and well then.

Perhaps those think-tankers who spend their lives investigating such weird links might be interested in digging a little deeper? Paul Mason comes across as the next David Icke to those of sane mind. Is he perhaps someone far more sinister? No doubt, Mr Mason will claim his account was hacked or blame SIS.