Tackling Danger on Rural Roads

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS Our rural roads are plagued with people disregarding speed limits. Cars, vans and lorries race through our tiny villages with little to no consideration of the danger they put themselves or others in as they do so. Fatal accidents are four times as likely on rural A roads as they are on urban A roads. In village after village, the speed limit … Continue reading Tackling Danger on Rural Roads

Dog Thieves Stalk Our Countryside

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS With a dog of my own, the endearing Mr Fluffles shown in the photo, I wholly appreciate how heart-wrenching the theft of your animal can be. Pets after all are members of the family. In the last few months of lockdown, there has been an alarming rise in pet theft here in rural areas of Leicestershire and Rutland – but the same … Continue reading Dog Thieves Stalk Our Countryside

Rural Crime & the Police

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS This year has been tough for small businesses. None more so than those in rural areas which struggle on with all the problems that already go with keeping a business going in areas without the sorts of benefits that businesses in towns take for granted – fast broadband, high footfall and neighbouring businesses less than a mile away. This year Small Business … Continue reading Rural Crime & the Police