Boris or Bust

BY JAMIE FOSTER It is only a matter of time before Mrs May calls it a day and announces her resignation. Several of the big beasts of Conservative politics are positioning themselves for the leadership when she finally makes her announcement. With luck and a following wind it will go to Boris. He is the only politician with enough mojo to get the country excited … Continue reading Boris or Bust

Where Are the Tory Vandals?

BY JOHN ISMAEL News that Jacob Rees-Mogg’s property was the target of an attack by left-wing extremist vandals appears in The Daily Mail today: “Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home has been attacked by vandals who spray painted his windows and left a dildo on the bonnet of his car. The Conservative MP’s windows were sprayed with the words ‘posh scum’ while ‘****head’ and ‘shut up and die’ … Continue reading Where Are the Tory Vandals?

Stepping Stones 2022

BY SAM HOOPER This government does not understand the meaning of ambition, beyond the leadership’s narrow, selfish desire to cling to power and prevent anyone else from having a go. But worse than being cynically without purpose, the government is also incompetent and lacking a functional political radar. Even a government of chancers and fakers, having been warned numerous times that their lack of a … Continue reading Stepping Stones 2022

Not So Champion

BY MANDY BALDWIN Let’s get this straight: Sarah Champion, who spearheaded the enquiry into the mass-rape of children in Rotherham, has resigned her position as Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, because some people who favour lies over little girls threw a hissy-fit. I read some of the outraged comments by Labour supporters on the subject and their main beef was that she … Continue reading Not So Champion