Where Are the Tory Vandals?


News that Jacob Rees-Mogg’s property was the target of an attack by left-wing extremist vandals appears in The Daily Mail today:

“Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home has been attacked by vandals who spray painted his windows and left a dildo on the bonnet of his car. The Conservative MP’s windows were sprayed with the words ‘posh scum’ while ‘****head’ and ‘shut up and die’ were scrawled on the garage in West Harptree, Somerset. Left wing extremists have been blamed for the attack after a symbol for anarchy was painted on the car. Condoms were scattered across the grass around Mr Rees-Mogg’s family home, which he shares with his children and wife Helena, daughter of the aristocrat Somerset de Chair. The family was on holiday in New York when the vandals struck last Wednesday night.”

Albeit disgusting, this should come as no shock. Each week an average of three Tory MPs get death threats. When you have thugs like John McDonnell sullying the office of Shadow Chancellor – a man who called for the Tory MP Esther McVey to be lynched – how are the foot-soldiers of Momentum and the hard left Labour machine supposed to react?

I’ll tell you how…

Nazi moustaches drawn on Tory MP billboards, violent attempts to no platform the likes of Rees-Mogg at university campuses, Tory MPs’ cars spray-painted with abuse, thugs like Munroe “all white people are racist” Bergdorf knowing they can apply and be chosen as a member of Labour’s LGBT+ advisory board, offensive oik Jared O’Mara who called for musician Jamie Cullum “to be sodomised with his own piano” getting selected as Labour MP candidate for Sheffield Hallam … need I go on? Do I need to mention the professional political smearing course Momentum activists are invited to attend?

The Tories meanwhile are not the nasty party. They never really were. Even ideologically-driven policies like the so-called bedroom tax – which caused pain – were not meant as nasty. The Tories have always lacked the type of oiks who think that vandalising an MP’s home is politically acceptable. The Tories hardly wear halos, but their sins are most often due to louche comportment or greed rather than the “revolutionary” excuse for violence the hard left has always been synonymous with; its past dripping with opponents’ blood.

The current antisemitism issue which is destroying the Labour Party from within – in a far more terminal case of self-destruction than the Europe issue is damaging the Tories – was always there; simmering underneath in Labour’s extremes. Just look at pre-Corbyn-leadership blog posts on the websites and fora of the various Marxist entities that constitute Momentum and Labour (on second thoughts – nah – just go for a beer instead). The only reason these hard left thugs and bigots are surfacing now – along with the Rees-Mogg act of vandalism – is because Jeremy Corbyn and his comrades have been thrust into the Labour leadership and, with these Trotskyite fatbergs breaking through, the sewer has been cracked open.

Blame Ed Miliband and his stupid leadership rule changes for that.

Mr Miliband changed the system under which he was elected to “one member one vote” and allowed the public to take part for a £3 fee. The result? The current stink of antisemitism and viciousness. A kinder, gentler politics? Nope. Just the current stink of rising Nationalsozialismus in Britain – their projection putting Nazi moustaches on Tory billboards, for they dare not look in a mirror.