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Let’s get this straight: Sarah Champion, who spearheaded the enquiry into the mass-rape of children in Rotherham, has resigned her position as Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, because some people who favour lies over little girls threw a hissy-fit.

I read some of the outraged comments by Labour supporters on the subject and their main beef was that she published her opinion piece, which stated that we have a problem with Pakistani men grooming little white girls, in The Sun.

Many of these comments appeared to be posted by the kind of ‘feminist’ who teaches her toddler son that he is a potential rapist, so the moral flexibility in disliking Rupert Murdoch more than a plague of predatory men who evidently can’t see an adolescent white child without needing to defile her is quite something.

Sarah might, of course, have had her piece published in the Telegraph, where columnist Tom Harris was so scathing of Jeremy Corbyn’s condemnation of Sarah’s outspokenness, but then, no doubt, the now morally-destitute Labour footsoldiers would have shrieked that she had bared her soul to the Tories. Because let’s face it, The Guardian wouldn’t have touched such honesty with a disinfected barge-pole. By today’s warped standards, they are far too nice.

Street grooming is defined as targeting vulnerable children, plying them with drugs or alcohol, preparing them for the ensuing rapes and other violent abuse by gang members and their associates. A clear, proven 75% of those convicted of such crimes were described as  ‘Asian’ – whether born here or immigrants – and the overwhelming majority of them are found to be of Pakistani origin or Pakistani born.

Think about this in real terms. In 2011, 1.86% of people in Britain self-identified as British Asian of Pakistani origin.  In 2015, 503,000 British residents identified as being of Pakistani birth.  We’re not really talking vast numbers of people, here – and remember, less than 50% of them are male, and even fewer are of an age to be sexually active. And yet, there it is.

Maths isn’t my strong point, but even I can see the implications of any minority group being so obscenely over-represented in such an abominable crime.

The figure of 75% was produced by Channel 4 News which is swimming in riskily truthful waters while desperately clinging to the life-raft of Political Correctness by describing those convicted of mass rape at Newcastle, and Rotherham, and Oxford, etc, etc, etc, solely as ‘Asian’.

In so doing, they not only implicate a selection of men ranging from Native Americans to Gurkhas, who have literally nothing to do with any of this, but blunder into territory last infested by people who liked a shiny pair of jackboots and a spot of genocide.

Because what all those who broadly describe the attackers by race are normalising is ‘racial determinism’ – the belief that race in and of itself in some way influences a person’s behaviour or worth. That is chilling, regressive, and deadly, as well as being grossly offensive, arrant nonsense.

And it’s symptomatic of an entire state of mind – i.e., that of lab rats trained to recoil at nothing – that, just as those who claim to hold the moral high-ground are happy to sacrifice the victims rather than mention the connection-that-dare-not-speak-it’s-name, so they are happy to sacrifice the reputations of a huge diversity of innocent men from the world’s most populous continent for the sake of not having their knuckles rapped.

And for what? Perhaps so as not to offend the kind of man who describes white women as “only good for men like me to f**k and use as trash.” Who else does the truth offend? Women like Labour MP Naz Shah, apparently, who hysterically defends her cultural roots against all honesty and moral decency – describing telling the truth as “incendiary and irresponsible” –   despite having been shipped to Pakistan and forced into marriage.

Are these people really rational or reputable enough to justify abandoning our commitment to telling the truth?

Read the facts again.

The vast majority of members of street grooming gangs are not ‘Asian’ – they are specifically Pakistani, culturally rooted in a nation whose government this week threw out a proposal to ban child marriage on grounds that to do so is ‘unIslamic.’  The grooming gangs are culturally inspired, and racially motivated, and children are being sacrificed to the wish that it wasn’t so: in other words, to a big, fat lie.

And it’s a big, fat lie which needs uprooting and examining closely, to determine precisely the source of the drip-fed insistence that one cultural group is considered to be so far above criticism that we must defend them with our children’s lives. Were 75% of street grooming gangs notable for being, say, Danish Lutherans, nobody would be hounded, disgraced, branded a Nazi, or forced to resign, for saying, loud and clear, that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

We live in what Orwell described as a time of great deceit, in which telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. But try it, because telling the truth is never wrong – only lying is wrong. Read that, repeat it, write it on your mirror in lipstick.  Truth is our only hope. It’s wrong to lie, and those who persecute you for refusing to lie are acting in the worst traditions of every despotism throughout history.

Because this isn’t like telling a friend their bum doesn’t look big, when it does. Denying this truth is deadly serious. If we know facts which would help protect children from the unspeakable evil which grooming gangs inflict, as Sarah Champion does, then we are right to speak out, as she did through The Sun, and we are morally bankrupt in submitting to peer pressure and resigning, as she did subsequently.

She held the moral high-ground and should have stood firm on it.

Sarah read the court transcripts of the Rotherham horror, heard testimony from little girls who were the victims of savages – but then, when challenged, apologised for telling the truth.

Only a gun held to her head excuses such a betrayal.



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  1. “Pakistani men” is not the problem. The problem is that 90% of those convicted for these crimes are Muslim men. That’s what no-one wants to acknowledge.

    As I demonstrated in “Easy Meat”, my book on the grooming gang cover-up (first published before any of the Rotherham inquiries): there is a long history of sex slaves in Islam (going back all the way to Mohammed). The morality of this practice in Islam is to be found in the core texts of Islam.

    For over 200 years painters from all over Europe used to depict the trade in white sex slaves (the last of these painters died at a time when Ast. From the very first published reports about grooming gangs in British newspapers in 1988, the victims were described as “sex slaves” And for the past 3 decades that the perpetrators were almost entirely men from a Muslim background has been acknowledged throughout the literature and reports on this crime spree. In not punishing these men across these decades the British state has sanctioned the rape of schoolgirls on an industrial scale.

    Despite copies of my book being sent to the major journalists and newspapers, not one review of the book has appeared in the mainstream media. This despite customers leaving scores of 5* reviews on Amazon.

    All the facts are in my book and yet 4 years after the book was first published people are still thrashing around in the dark, refusing to name the problem.

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