Family Farce Day

BY ROGER WATSON We have just entered the season of Lent, forty days during which we prepare ourselves for the zenith of the Christian calendar, the Easter Triduum, when we remember the torturing and execution and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I know that this season is upon us because Easter eggs and hot cross buns are already on display at Tesco. Of course, I … Continue reading Family Farce Day

Forbidden Religiosity

BY QUENTIN PIGG With the Pope having signed the ‘Sino-Vatican Agreement’ (a treaty which allows the Vatican to appoint Chinese bishops) one could be forgiven for thinking that Christians in Communist China enjoy a kind of freedom only described in the pluralistic Utopian visions of  ‘literal consumerists’ – sorry, communists – like the ridiculous Ash Sarkar. But as with any China counterfeit, this holy bound … Continue reading Forbidden Religiosity