Brexit Alliance Urgently Required

CSM EDITORIAL Yesterday evening’s statement by Theresa May that she would be seeking a further extension to Article 50 and would be reaching out to Corbyn’s Labour Party was the last straw for Brexiteers across the country – with talk of “the rape of British Democracy” last night. For Conservative Brexiteers her statement was even worse – May has put them in an impossible position … Continue reading Brexit Alliance Urgently Required

Smearing Boris Backfires

CSM EDITORIAL The dossier and smears launched against Boris Johnson this weekend seemed planned to coincide with the launch of the ERG’s alternative plans for Brexit. The hitjob is well-detailed here  here  and here  As things turned out, Boris’ use of the term suicide vest rather dulled the attacks – a quite brilliant shield tactic or a lucky counter strike by the man who could well … Continue reading Smearing Boris Backfires

One Speech Away From Greatness

CSM EDITORIAL After a worrying vacuum, Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech – setting out the Government’s general terms for negotiation for Brexit – was a characteristically thoughtful, clear and impressive speech. That was back in mid-January. Since then the Prime Minister has solidified her lead in the polls, her authority – despite a couple of iffy Prime Minister’s Questions – has grown and her stock is … Continue reading One Speech Away From Greatness