Brexit Alliance Urgently Required


Yesterday evening’s statement by Theresa May that she would be seeking a further extension to Article 50 and would be reaching out to Corbyn’s Labour Party was the last straw for Brexiteers across the country – with talk of “the rape of British Democracy” last night. For Conservative Brexiteers her statement was even worse – May has put them in an impossible position by reaching out to the Marxist friend of terrorists and many vowed to cut up their Conservative Party membership cards.

These are grave times. The country is stuck between May’s gutless approach to the EU – leaving us as a vassal state – and having the reincarnation of Lenin destroying the country from within. Yesterday’s statement was Theresa May’s Charles 1st moment.

There is already public resistance. It’s mostly unreported by our blinkered MSM but go-slows on motorways and other acts of defiance by Brexiteers are seen across the UK. No doubt – although this is the wrong route to take – such incidents will inevitably escalate.

For too long Conservative Brexiteers gave Theresa May the benefit of the doubt. Now they all realise the scale of her gutlessness or treachery. Her statement last night was reminiscent of Ramsay Macdonald reaching out across the house – and look what happened to that Prime Minister and to his party thereafter.

So if physical resistance is the wrong path to take to get Brexit then what should the strategy be?

  • DO NOT cut up your Conservative membership card if you are a member. Your vote will be needed shortly in the Conservative Leadership election.
  • Brexiteer Conservative councillors should go “Independent Brexiteer” immediately until a Brexiteer Prime Minister replaces May. At local elections in May, vote for Independent Brexiteers. 
  • If European Elections happen, hold your nose and vote for Farage’s party. 
  • Tory donors should stop funding the Conservative Party centrally and instead focus donations on Brexiteer MPs in swing seats. (They have already stopped donating to May). 
  • Tory chiefs are already exploring major rule changes to leadership contests for party members to pick between four candidates, not just two. This would make a Brexiteer PM inevitable.
  • A list of Brexit-voting constituencies should be drawn up. Those with Brexit-voting MPs should remain untouched and voted for by ALL Brexiteers (whether Tory, Labour or of whatever affiliation).
  • Remain-voting seats with Remain MPs (with remain votes of 65%+) should be left to Remain MPs. Those with less than 65% Remain votes are in the game – these seats should be targeted by one Brexiteer PPC per seat around whom the vote amasses. 
  • Strategic voting per seat (with parties like UKIP and the Brexit Party not taking part in elections in some seats for fear of splintering the vote) is vital to getting a Brexiteer parliament. 
  • Remoaners (Rudd, Gauke, Hammond, Greening etc) should be ousted. This can be done locally either through voting strategies or the takeover of Conservative associations by Brexiteer members. 

There are only two ways out for Mrs May – No Deal which placates her party, or her removal by a Brexiteer PM. Preferably the former followed swiftly by the latter.

If Theresa May continues on her current course she will not only have set the country on fire, she will have turned the Conservative Party – a family to which she always belonged – into a party that disowns her very name.