Bloody Cyclists

BY ANDY COLLIDGE Now this as a subject matter is in a class of its own, generating a multitude of different opinions. These opinions are normally defined by age, amount of time holding a full driving license, how much time spent on the road, and of course, as politically incorrect as it may sound, the gender of the person involved. As a hotel owner and … Continue reading Bloody Cyclists

Customers Think They’re Always Right

BY ANDY COLLIDGE When you are in a trade or business that is constantly frequented by the public, there inevitably comes that invariable onslaught of thoughts, opinions, requirements and self-indulgence. After only a very short while, you begin, not intentionally, to put people with similar attitudes and characteristics into certain categories. After a longer while¬†at the mercy of the over-needy public, the more elevated of … Continue reading Customers Think They’re Always Right