I, Conservative

BY JAMES ROBINSON These are the reasons I am a proud, small c conservative: I respect and admire the great Western traditions that have shielded humanity’s freedoms and liberties from the agents and forces of tyranny and anarchy. I freely recognise that our natural, divine, and inalienable rights and freedoms spring not from government but from the Divine. I understand that no country can long … Continue reading I, Conservative

Conservatives are Fools?

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Red-pilling Corbynites is not that complex a sport – far fewer parameters than fly-fishing and certainly less taxing than golf. Just sidestep those lost cultist zombies who require professional deradicalisation by Prevent (or, my preferred therapy, a few months in one of Chavez’ socialist barrios in Caracas, from which they will emerge, I assure you, Friedmanite). Best hone in on targets with grey … Continue reading Conservatives are Fools?