I, Conservative


These are the reasons I am a proud, small c conservative:

  1. I respect and admire the great Western traditions that have shielded humanity’s freedoms and liberties from the agents and forces of tyranny and anarchy.
  2. I freely recognise that our natural, divine, and inalienable rights and freedoms spring not from government but from the Divine.
  3. I understand that no country can long survive without a moral and spiritual compass to guide and protect its people.
  4. I know that our divine freedoms do not come without cost and responsibilities.
  5. I have learned from history that any society foolish enough to trade its divine freedoms for state assurances of safety and security quickly ends up under tyranny and human suffering.
  6. I cannot and will not condone, support, or rationalise the actions of evil men and wicked governments.
  7. I have learned to think for myself when challenged by the lies, half-truths, disinformation, and propaganda of the enemies of life, liberty, and freedom.
  8. I was born a free man and not a slave to government; therefore I refuse to sit down, shut up, and move to the back of the bus when challenged by liberal hubris.
  9. I understand that true compassion stems from a godly heart and not from the spring of liberal ideologies and socialist intentions.
  10. I support the chains and restrictions (of my U.S. Constitution) placed on all branches of government, as originally intended by our Founders, without exception or failure.
  11. I further support constitutional federalism (limited government), as opposed to socialised nationalism (big government), as did the Founders and Framers of our Constitutional Republic.
  12. I understand that no American – even our government officials – are above the Rule of Law in this nation; America was not founded on a system of kings, queens, monarchs, royal families, or ruling elites.
  13. I believe our elected representatives work for We the People and not the other way around.
  14. I recognise Socialism, Communism, and Fascism not as the vanguard of human liberty but as the death knell of human liberty.
  15. I live by one simple creed and motto – God, Family & Country – no apology is needed or tendered.
  16. I feel no compulsion to understand evil and wickedness in society before taking a firm stand against them.
  17. I refuse to resort to liberal name calling and demonisation of opponents in civil debates; we can and must address issues and problems without personal attacks, and we must learn to differentiate between the two.
  18. I see no wisdom in tolerating and condoning liberals that refuse to tolerate and condone anyone that intellectually disagrees with their socialist ideologies.
  19. I simply have no tolerance or respect for the gross intolerance and lack of respect by liberals and progressives that spread malicious lies, fear, and hate-mongering against others that openly disagree with liberalism’s twisted agendas and socialist ideologies.
  20. And, last but not least, I fully support our traditional values in support of life, liberty, freedom, private property, capitalism and the pursuit of happiness.