The Hard Left is Redeemable

BY JOHN ISMAEL The political philosopher Thomas Sowell snapped out of Marxism and into conservatism. Yanis Varoufakis went the other way. Some are won over by sense. Others throw their good sense in the bin. It is a rare and beautiful thing to see two grown men, now retired from politics, look back and see the errors of their ways. Such maturing gives hope to … Continue reading The Hard Left is Redeemable

I, Conservative

BY JAMES ROBINSON These are the reasons I am a proud, small c conservative: I respect and admire the great Western traditions that have shielded humanity’s freedoms and liberties from the agents and forces of tyranny and anarchy. I freely recognise that our natural, divine, and inalienable rights and freedoms spring not from government but from the Divine. I understand that no country can long … Continue reading I, Conservative

How To Deal With Leftie Critics

The American Columnist Rowland Evans was having lunch with Ronald Reagan in 1987, six years into his presidency, a milestone by which the previous five presidents had been defeated – resigned in disgrace, refused to consider reelection, or been assassinated. Somehow, Reagan was shining through, making it all look easy, and was enormously popular. Evans, a tough old newsman, was in awe. Evans looked Reagan … Continue reading How To Deal With Leftie Critics