Jones’ Gammon Mask Slips


The question over whether gammon is a racist term is a simple one to answer. When white people use it against white people, then no – it’s not racist in the slightest. When those of another colour use it against white people then it’s as racist as a white using the N or P word. If there’s any sanity in the legal systems on these isles then expect a few black people (no, black is not a race either) and others from the so-called ethnic minorities to be banged to rights in court over their use of it in coming months. Good for the goose is good for the gander.

What I was interested in was Owen Jones’ piece in The Guardian about the term. Not for what he said about use of the term, which was spurious to say the least. I was more interested in the projection and the perception, presumably ubiquitous on the Left, that the Right is engaged in an orchestrated culture war.

First, the projection:

“The crybullies of the right are hamming it up over a term of mockery to deflect from their own poisoning of the political discourse”

Translation: Yes, I am a cry baby and I feel under pressure holding the weird Marxist views that I do under real pressure from the sheer soundness of the views of those on the Centre Right.

“The mainstream media can systematically label its opponents as traitors, enemies of the people, Trots and terrorist sympathisers.”

Translation: I should not have attended that Sinn Féin Summer School.

“It’s also worth noting that the media demands that we treat rightwing views, including bigotry, as “legitimate grievances”: while the left can be treated as a delusional, cultist rabble.”

Translation: a delusional, cultist rabble is what we are on the Left. I wish Paul Mason would take a hike. Same goes for Jackie Walker. Maybe I am delusional?

“That rightwingers are now pushing the use of the word “gammon” as racism is age-old example of how the privileged crave a sense of persecution, that they can target genuinely oppressed minorities while claiming they are the real victims.”

Translation: The Left exists through craving a sense of persecution and victimisation, by appealing to emotion rather than sense. The Left are the real victims, or we’re finished. Tanks off our lawn, please.

“The nation’s truly subjugated minority, affluent middle-aged white men in the shires who turn pink with rage at the thought of immigrants or taxes, are under siege.”

Translation: I am part of the subjugated minority as a left of left leftist and a wealthy middle-aged white man from the shires.

“The right is certainly waging a culture war, and our best bet is to change the conversation.”

Translation: Now the right has finally addressed the culture war, which we on the Left have been winning for ages, I am genuinely crapping myself. So, let’s just change the topic and focus, so there’s a wall preventing them from exposing the likes of me and others, who are really not at all prepared for what will be a frightening onslaught if the likes of Peterson are anything to go by.

Second, some giveaways on the Left’s strategies in attempting to subdue ideological opponents. Spot the blatant Fabian Society, cat-stroking, Alinskyite perniciousness which, thanks to popular take up of social media, is ever more transparent and will lead to a continuation of the Left’s demise:

“The cruellest oppression since Jim Davidson left his prime-time Big Break slot”

Revealing: for Jones’ guilt-by-association strategy here. Why not choose someone like Jenson Button or Michael Vaughan as examples of “gammon”? Go for the low hanging fruit and smear your ideological opponents with it.

“The gammonery have a champion: the DUP MP Emma Little-Pengelly”

Revealing: the Momentum crowd see the DUP’s bible-thumping origins as the inverse of their own “progressivism”. More than that, the DUP by supply alliance with the Tories in Government are to be portrayed as the excuse for Labour’s rotten core, the anti-Semites and other wingnuts.

“The Times has already kickstarted a genre of article”

Revealing: This is basically a confession by Jones that his blog posts on the Guardian (or is it The Independent that is just a blog these days?) are weaponised. One wonders who comes up with the genres for Leftist writers to use as ammo?

“Twitter can abound with right-wing accounts spewing homophobic, misogynistic and racist abuse, coupled with threats of violence and death, towards lefties.”

Revealing: Momentum trolls and those of the (more sophisticated?) Jukes variety on the far, tinfoil Left, who spew out abuse and 2+2=8 conspiratorial nonsense on a daily basis can all be excused, for the Right is just as bad. The difference here of course is that the Leftists spewing abuse are those standing for office or actually hold Momentum and Labour memberships…indeed, those with whom Corbyn and his acolytes in Opposition regularly associate and share platforms with.

“The game is to bog the left down in never-ending arguments about completely pointless subjects.”

Revealing: this is an old-time strategy used by the Left: bog down opponents in never-ending arguments about completely pointless subjects until they make a mistake out of frustration. Then bog them down in never-ending court cases or force them to make humiliating apologies, or implement Kompromat.

While the soundness of the Centre Right is beginning to red pill voters, it is not yet as strong a movement as it could be. It has the blessed position, after years of the Left waging the culture wars through the likes of Jones, of being the new counter culture. To be the underdog is cool. Classical Liberalism is, perhaps, the new Punk.

But let’s get real. The Left is still winning the culture wars and, as long as it suckles on the public teat, it will continue to win.

In the UK the institutional left is a well-financed 24/7/365 campaign, aiming to fatally undermine the present government, and then, in time, the entire governing principles of the UK. The British Left is an impressively well-organised movement with hundreds of full time paid employees. Some of these professional activists are public sector union officials who have paid jobs within the government and public sector but spend 90% of their time working for the Left, rather than fulfilling their job descriptions. There are placers inside charities, schools and universities. George Soros and other radical left-wing globalists are funding hundreds of non-profit charities and NGOs – again dedicating every waking hour to their insidious agenda. The charities and NGOs employ or support thousands of full time activists. Left wing / progressive think tanks are not only lobbying civil servants but grooming and placing their agents deep within the civil service to either shape policy or block Tory governments from implementing their mandates.

Jones lets his mask slip here. These rare glimpses into Leftist strategy are worth their weight in gold.

My advice to those on the right is to continue to play the Gammon race card. It prevents so many on the Left from squealing racist as they are hit by the shower of red pills from the centre Right, with its never-ending monopoly on soundness. In these culture wars – any ideological ammo counts. Gammon is kryptonite, not that there are any supermen of women on the Left to worry about.