The #FBPE Guide to Losing Disgracefully

Let’s find a bolshie spokesperson who can lie us back into this Alastair Campbell Let’s make out that Brexit is going to be a crippling disaster Project Fear II Let’s find fault with the Referendum itself It was only advisory Let’s call an exit without a withdrawal agreement (even though there’ll be loads of existing agreements) sound really bad Crashing Out – No Deal Let’s fight … Continue reading The #FBPE Guide to Losing Disgracefully


BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Hearing the high-pitched squeals of some Remainers over recent weeks has been shocking – not just for Leavers but for many Remainers too, who were never die-hard about the referendum in the first place. Suddenly Brits across the land have discovered their inner political animal when, previously, they seemed more bothered about the outcomes of the Six Nations or Strictly. This week’s … Continue reading Premainiacs

Handling Remainiacs

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It’s difficult to be too rude about Remainers. After all, they likely include friends, family members and those fellow Britons you smile at in the street or in the train. For all you know your Milkman is a Remainer, your child’s teacher could be an avid European and your kindly local vicar was told by God in some sherry-induced revelation to land a cross in the Remain box. … Continue reading Handling Remainiacs