Transnational Tribalism

BY STEWART SLATER People, Lee Kuan Yew argued, always vote for people who look like themselves. It is one of his lesser noted, but more praiseworthy achievements that the country he built disproves his dictum. Cross the causeway into Malaysia and you will find Malay parties, Indian parties and Chinese parties, but in Singapore, there is only really the People’s Action Party which squats across … Continue reading Transnational Tribalism

Brexiteers Are Neanderthals

BY SAM WHITE I thought things were going well. We were in the EU and Britain was being drained of its troublesome sovereignty as I, through my subscription to Everyday Feminism, was being radically unchained from my toxic masculinity. Brussels knows best. Who needs to know the names of the suits in charge anyway? They’re European, nice shoes, brandy on tap. They’re just better at … Continue reading Brexiteers Are Neanderthals