Truth Clashes with Ivory Towers

BY MARK CRUDGINGTON Lord Goldsmith wants trophy hunting banned because he finds the idea of it, as well as photos of hunters posing with dead animals, repulsive. This is a call echoed and endorsed by celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, Peter Egan, Chris Packham and even the explorer Ranulph Fiennes. Lord Goldsmith claims trophy hunting is helping species extinction as well as damaging some environments … Continue reading Truth Clashes with Ivory Towers

7 Majestic Minutes

BY FRANK HAVILAND Award ceremonies have long since been redundant, but it was not always the case. In the Golden Age of cinema, they provided a rare opportunity for stars to go off-script, and actually say something of significance. It wasn’t perhaps until 1973 with Marlon Brando refusing the Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather that politics became infused with self-congratulation. For the record, in … Continue reading 7 Majestic Minutes