Right to Reply: Circus Debate

On February 22nd, Country Squire Magazine published an article about circuses by Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington. It can be read here. In response, on the 24th February, we received the following reply from Artists United which represents Circus Performers: Please can we have a logical debate? There is a world of difference between the training and the keeping of equestrian and domestic animals and the wild … Continue reading Right to Reply: Circus Debate

How We Should Live With Predators & Prey

BY DR STEVE CARVER When Peter Glenser, Chairman of the BASC, wrote an article for Country Squire Magazine entitled “Custodians of the Countryside” back in November of last year I felt compelled to reply. The magazine’s editors were gracious enough to give me a “Right to Reply” for which I am grateful. A few weeks later, Liam Stokes, Head of Shooting Campaigns at the Countryside … Continue reading How We Should Live With Predators & Prey