Country V City Men

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN Having lived in the heart of the sticks and the heart of London’s smog, and possessing the discerning female eye, I have observed a thing or two about the divergent quirks of male behaviour in their opposing natural habitats. Identifying the features and instincts of the opposite sex from both worlds is a practicable art: the country boys referred to being so … Continue reading Country V City Men

A Rare Breed

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN The Kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breeds list comprises over 30 breeds of dog native to the British Isles that are at risk of dying out. Their original countryside purposes may be diminished, they may not be considered ‘cool’, but these good-natured breeds deserve greater fame. So, in the spirit of the recent Crufts 2022, if you are thinking about a new four-legged … Continue reading A Rare Breed

Ecofeminism is Ecosexism

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN “Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion! What feminism does not need, it seems to me, is an endless recycling of Doris Day Fifties cliches about noble womanhood.” Camille Paglia, Sex, Art and American Culture It didn’t matter whether you were intrigued, indifferent or making a conscious effort to avoid it at all costs, last month’s Veganuary campaign was … Continue reading Ecofeminism is Ecosexism

Ed Sheeran ‘Ever Green’?

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN In late December, it appeared that Dr Seuss’ Lorax had a man after his own hairstyle and heart. Ed Sheeran, one of the world’s most popular singer-song writers, announced his plans on BBC Radio London to buy up “as much land in the UK as I possibly can and plant as many trees as I can”. Revealing a penchant for green fingered … Continue reading Ed Sheeran ‘Ever Green’?

France’s Forgotten Farmers

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN I always thought the French cared about their farmers more than the British. Much like in Italy, French culture holds food as sacrosanct. We Brits drench everything in lard and grease apparently, much to the dismay of some of my international friends – especially up North. We’re much more likely to eat casually whilst watching Coronation Street whilst our European cousins (especially … Continue reading France’s Forgotten Farmers

A Country Girl’s Reflections on Environmentalism

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN “Toil mastered everything, relentless toil And the pressure of pinching poverty… Everything by nature’s law Tends to the worse, slips ever backward, backward.” Virgil, the Georgics As a farmer’s daughter, I was blessed with a bucolic childhood. With only 1% of the UK population being farmers, it is a lucky stroke to have lived my younger years with a closeness to the … Continue reading A Country Girl’s Reflections on Environmentalism