Badge of Honour

BY THE EDITOR A few weeks ago I was having a cup of tea with some Monitoring BDS ladies in Hampstead – those brave souls who attend Corbyn meetings and video antisemitism from the Hard Left. I asked them why their output on Twitter was so hard to locate, whereas their Facebook pages seemed easy to find and were always replete with content. And their immediate … Continue reading Badge of Honour

RTÉ – Really Tiresome Emissions

BY EAMONN O’MAHONY If you thought you Brits had it bad paying out £147 a year for your TV licence, then think about us poor Irish who pay out €160 a year for our own poll tax imposed on anyone who watches the telly. We face a similar Stasi inspectorate and bailiffs, similar court appearances and jail sentences if we fail to cough up. Statistics … Continue reading RTÉ – Really Tiresome Emissions