Who Let the Dogs Out?

BY RYAN LOBO On January 4, 2007, columnist Tavleen Singh was ordered to pay a fine of Rs 500 when her dog defecated on Marine drive in Bombay. She refused, arguing that when the city was overrun with stray dogs pooping at will in public spaces, it was unfair to fine her. An animal rights activist feeds dogs on Morjim beach in Goa as a … Continue reading Who Let the Dogs Out?

The Neo-Colonialism of Animal Rights in India

BY RYAN LOBO For centuries, Jallikattu’s cultural reverberations have gone far beyond current definitions of the event – a sacred rite of passage with characteristics of folk craft, ritual, festival and sport, integral to animal husbandry and tradition, providing millions of farmers with entertainment, connection to the sacred and a profound sense of cultural belonging. Unsurprisingly, massive protests rocked Tamil Nadu after the Nagaraja case … Continue reading The Neo-Colonialism of Animal Rights in India