List Makers & Matchsticks

BY SAM WHITE The zealots of Stop Funding Hate and their supporters are utterly convinced they’re doing the right thing, and that should give anyone pause for thought. Carrying out bad acts in the knowledge that they’re bad is worrisome enough. Carrying out bad acts because you sincerely believe yourself to be in alignment with a higher, more virtuous endgame is the first step along … Continue reading List Makers & Matchsticks

Beyond Criticism

BY SAM WHITE Earlier this week it was announced that the Conservative government is planning to make changes to gender identity rules, allowing people to change their birth certificate so that it records them as the sex of their choice, or even just assign themselves a biologically impossible X in place of boy or girl, all without consulting a doctor. Currently it’s necessary to have … Continue reading Beyond Criticism

Are You a True Progressive?

BY SAM WHITE Young people are getting involved in politics, and a significant number have been corralled over to the left. I can understand that. There are all these bearded, wisecracking chaps over there, beckoning and leering for your attention. The likes of Ricky Gervais and Nick Frost are lusting for virgin flesh, and an irresistible siren call has been put out. In the words … Continue reading Are You a True Progressive?