Dear Sir Keir

Dear Sir Keir, I am a nurse working front line Covid positive wards and I am outraged at the behaviour of your MP’s supporting such irresponsible selfish behaviour and inciting violence. Shame on them undermining my and everyone else’s hard work. I am risking my life to save others and helping get loved ones home to their families. Then your MP’s such as Diane Abbott … Continue reading Dear Sir Keir

As Strong As Your Team

BY FRANK HAVILAND What exactly is the purpose of the Labour Party? If it’s sixth-form activism, then Rebecca Long-Bailey’s petulant 49-point Twitter questionnaire to Gavin Williamson makes sense. At least we know the Williamsons won’t be panic-buying Andrex any time soon. If it’s Britain’s state-funded comedy circuit, then Corbyn cabinet choices suddenly become coherent: Diane Abbott, a woman who doesn’t believe in borders, in-charge of … Continue reading As Strong As Your Team