Dead-End Streeting


Just a month ago, as Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party was thrown in the air by Beergate, commentators began to laud the Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Wes Streeting. Here was a man who:

“Should be the next Labour leader” New Statesman.

“Is the saviour Labour desperately needs?” Financial Times

“Is a serious politician. The Tories need to be worried about this guy” Dan Hodges

Streeting even sat down for an interview with LBC’s resident gnome, James O’Brien, to reveal his true colours:

‘It’s not that I’m not left wing…it’s that we can’t make any change unless we win a general election.’ LBC

The thing is, Streeting is just another defective Labour MP. Whatever the Labour Party’s joy might be today on winning back Wakefield, the reality is that the party’s recruitment has been lunatic for many years now. Just imagine if a Conservative MP had tweeted out the following bile. He’d be expelled from the party in minutes.


A resigning matter. Remember how fast bowler Ollie Robinson was dropped from the England team for appalling legacy tweets?

Can you imagine Tony Blair or Gordon Brown or even Sir Keir posting that kind of rot?

The reality is that however much the current Tory government suffer during the cost of living crisis and however incompetent their own leadership seems at times, Labour have a shockingly shallow pool of talent. (The Lib Dems are a joke also – only useful for protest votes like in Honiton & Tiverton where you can guarantee a Tory MP a seat at a General Election in normal times).

Labour are very beatable indeed at a General Election if this lout is being discussed as potential leadership material.

Who next as potential leader? Zarah Sultana? How about that scruffy bearded fellow who looks like Steptoe?

Dominic Wightman and James Bembridge are Editor and Deputy Editor respectively of Country Squire Magazine.