Neither Liberal Nor Democrat

BY PAUL NEWALL When I was a child and I spat out the dummy when I lost a match, my father always repeated the same mantra: “Nobody likes a bad loser, son ”. I grew to believe that a sound British trait is taking a lesson from defeat. To try harder next time. The British ideal of fair play and sportsmanship is etched irrevocably in … Continue reading Neither Liberal Nor Democrat

Random Citizen Addresses Shrinking Lib Dems

BY JAMIE FOSTER This week Gina Miller, the anti Brexit activist who won a Judicial Review on the Government’s Article 50 powers, addressed the Lib Dems conference on Brexit. She denounced what she called Brexit lies as well as kindly informing the Lib Dems she was not a ‘leader in waiting’. She maintained that she was independent of all parties including the Lib Dems, telling … Continue reading Random Citizen Addresses Shrinking Lib Dems