A Very Dangerous Relic

BY ROGER WATSON Mention the Jade Cabbage to a Taiwanese Chinese person, their eyes will be lowered in reverence and a look of awe will come over their faces. The Jade Cabbage, also known as The Green Jade Cabbage, is the finest exemplar of a jadeite cabbage and it is Taiwan’s most revered artefact. It is housed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei and … Continue reading A Very Dangerous Relic

Welcome Back to Taiwan

BY ROGER WATSON “Welcome back to Taiwan…” “…do you still have diarrhoea?” Few, if any people arriving in the landside of customs at Chiang Kai-Shek airport near Taipei in Taiwan will have been greeted like this. The young student sent to welcome me, demonstrating typical Chinese directness and insensitivity, was referring to my previous visit when I arrived from Hong Kong following the worst bout … Continue reading Welcome Back to Taiwan

Taixit Holds Strong

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Taiwanese voters re-elected incumbent president Tsai Ing-Wen in a landslide election on Saturday 11th January which translates as a sharp rebuke to Beijing and its attempts to intimidate Taiwan into China’s fold. Tsai won over 8 million votes, or 57% of the vote share, leading her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to a crushing victory with a landslide in presidential and legislative elections. … Continue reading Taixit Holds Strong

One China or Two?

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Donald Trump’s win on 8th November, based on a campaign of fiery and blistering rhetoric often singling out China, sent shock waves around the globe.  Mainstream media observed closely as world leaders raced to make that all-important phone call to congratulate the unpredictable political virgin.  Some calls were fulsome and some tentatively made but none caused as much furore as the phone … Continue reading One China or Two?