Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

BY ANDREW MOODY The Manson Family murders in Los Angeles in August 1969 changed the face of Hollywood. The writer Joan Didion, later an enormous influence on LA enfant terrible Bret Easton Ellis, wrote that when she heard the news of the ghoulish killing of heavily pregnant actress Sharon Tate: “I was sitting in the shallow end of my sister-in-law’s swimming pool in Beverley Hills … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Jackie Brown

BY ANDREW MOODY According to most biographies of legendary auteur Quentin Tarantino, he lost his virginity late, in his mid-twenties, and didn’t have his first girlfriend until pre-production of his indie classic Reservoir Dogs. This (presumably unbearable) sexual frustration, coupled with his intense academic approach to pop culture, goes part of the way in explaining the typically bodacious violence that characterises his body of work. … Continue reading Jackie Brown