A Sense of Perspective

BY STEWART SLATER The universe loves a coincidence. Thus, it was only fitting that, in the weekend leading up to Sky’s new series based on Watergate, Britain’s current crop of Woodwards and Bernsteins spent their time screaming “What did ITV know and when did it know it?” For in comparison to the goings on at This Morning, Partygate was but a trifle. Suella’s speeding fine … Continue reading A Sense of Perspective

Let’s Not be Unchristian

BY ALEXIA JAMES Wannabe scally Terry Christian is one of those people who you avoid in the street let alone the studio. He’s the sort of a fellow who may not have halitosis but has it by default, as his exaggerated jiggling Mancunian contortions, annoying accent and verbal diarrhoea trump the worst sausage breath at a Mettwurst convention. His appearance recently on Jeremy Vine’s show … Continue reading Let’s Not be Unchristian