The Heady Heights of Land Prices

BY BEN EAGLE There are many ways of getting into the farming sector today but if you want to farm in your own right on your own land, unless you are fortunate enough to inherit land, you have to be very wealthy indeed. In fact it will cost you far more than it ever has in the past to buy land, at least if you … Continue reading The Heady Heights of Land Prices

Time For GCSE Agriculture?

BY BEN EAGLE The call for an agriculture GCSE has entered public discussion once again as Conservative MP for York Outer, Julian Sturdy, called for the introduction of a GCSE in agriculture for schools in England and Wales. He hopes that this would encourage more young people to enter the agricultural sector as well as improve their awareness of food, farming and environmental issues. The … Continue reading Time For GCSE Agriculture?

Sea Buckthorn: Britain’s Secret Superfruit

BY BEN EAGLE Normally I write about general countryside or farming issues for Country Squire Magazine but, this time, the editors asked me to write about something that has become surprisingly significant for my family’s farm on the Essex coast. Almost all farms have diversified to a certain extent in recent years and our farm is certainly no exception, with lots of diversified enterprises going … Continue reading Sea Buckthorn: Britain’s Secret Superfruit