D’ye ken John Peel?

BY CAPTAIN ED SWALES Every rural and hunting Cumbrian certainly does. It’s part of their rural heritage. The famous early 19th century farmer and fell huntsman of the Lake District, lay undisturbed in St Kentigern’s Churchyard in Caldbeck from 1854 until one grim night in 1977, when his grave was desecrated and his remains disinterred by Mike Huskisson, an operative of the League Against Cruel … Continue reading D’ye ken John Peel?

National Trust Jump the Gun?

BY NIGEL BEAN The National Trust say they have now banned trail hunting on their land due to potential reputational risk associated with this activity after the conviction of Mark Hankinson over the notorious ‘smokescreen’ webinars. Drag hunting will be allowed to continue on their land. What is the difference between Trail and Drag hunting? Trail hunting is an activity that traditional fox hunts have … Continue reading National Trust Jump the Gun?