Beach Feasts

BY AMANDA CUMMINS Living on an island in the tropics, leisurely days on the beach were not the norm. Living in a place is quite different to being on a perpetual holiday. In any event, going to the beach in Trinidad was not a quick trip there and back: it was an excursion. Sunday outings began as my parents settled into Trini life and got … Continue reading Beach Feasts

Trinidad Runaway

BY AMANDA CUMMINS When I was a little girl in Trinidad, I ran away from home. Teddy clutched in my arms, and emergency supplies (I can’ t remember what they were, but they were important) in my school satchel, I opened the garden gate which was usually locked (more to deter incursions than for containing a 5-year-old). I remember it vividly. Standing on the road … Continue reading Trinidad Runaway

Return to Trinidad

BY AMANDA CUMMINS On my parents’ return to Trinidad it was to a bigger job, a bigger house and a bigger diary. They had attended, and given, many parties during our first stint in the West Indies. Parties mainly for friends, with very little business entertaining. And very good parties they were, too. However, this was different. This new life meant entertaining Big Time. Diplomats, … Continue reading Return to Trinidad