Trump, Brexit & A New Freedom

BY JAMIE FOSTER For the past 25 years the left wing intelligentsia, who the Americans have so badly misnamed ‘liberal’, carved the rules for public discourse in tablets of stone. Political correctness became both a hackneyed cliché and a powerful orthodoxy. That was until Brexit and the election of Trump shattered that new zeitgeist and left fragments of it strewn across the sand like shards … Continue reading Trump, Brexit & A New Freedom

Trumped and Out Foxed

BY JAMIE FOSTER Mr Jamie Foster, a fox & President-Elect Donald J Trump The world’s most powerful democracy has spoken. Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the USA. Time for us Brits to stop sneering at the choices that the US electorate faced and work out what this really means for us. The received idiocy of the expert commentators and pollsters has … Continue reading Trumped and Out Foxed

Rock & Hard Place – The Clintons

BY MIKE TOWERS Whether Hillary Clinton wins or not on Tuesday, it seems evident that the Democratic Party see her now as merely a get-over-the-line candidate. Whether it’s failing health or one of many brewing scandals that does for her, she hardly appears to have the necessary wind in her sails to last more than part of one term as President. This would leave her … Continue reading Rock & Hard Place – The Clintons