Trumped and Out Foxed


Mr Jamie Foster, a fox & President-Elect Donald J Trump

The world’s most powerful democracy has spoken. Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the USA. Time for us Brits to stop sneering at the choices that the US electorate faced and work out what this really means for us. The received idiocy of the expert commentators and pollsters has once again proved illusory. Time for a little common sense.

The first and most important effect for the UK is that Theresa May’s Article 50 negotiation just got exponentially easier. For the first time since 2009 there will be an Anglophile in the White House. Rather than being at the back of the queue for US trade deals we have just been escorted past the line and directed to a comfortable seat in the VIP area. The EU cartel bosses still hold a hand of cards. Sadly for them it is no longer a hand they can possibly bluff with.

Theresa May has congratulated Trump and says she looks forward to working with him towards prosperity and security. I believe her. I hope that he has the graciousness and magnanimity to overlook the foolish things that UK politicians have said about him during the campaign as mere election fever.

Trump himself appears to have taken off the fearsome campaign armour. His first speech as President Elect was conciliatory and inclusive. He spoke of representing everyone and forging relationships with the world. In peace there is nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility. Time for him to put away his tiger actions and show us all his inner pussy cat.

It will not be all smooth sailing. The liberal media who have spent weeks advocating the necessity of accepting defeat gracefully will not practice what they preach. Having said he stands for racism and misogyny they can’t gracefully concede that racism and misogyny should have triumphed. Let us unpack that. Trump is not a racist or a misogynist.

The definition extended to include him has failed to win a US election or a UK referendum. It is not racist to recognise that Mexico is the end of a narco-trail which continues to ship death and suffering into the US. It would be as ludicrous to ban all Muslims from entering the US as it would be to continue to allow Islamic extremism to grow in the US. It is actions not rhetoric that makes a racist

Deciding that he is a misogynist on the basis of an out of context, 10 year old, secretly recorded conversation, while claiming that the person who enabled Bill Clinton is a champion of women is absurd. Time to judge him on his actions.

The Putin fears are also potentially baseless. Putin is clearly a Tsar like the Tsars before him. His actions in the Baltics and the Middle East have been deeply troubling but largely understandable. The last US administration and the EU have done their best to freeze his assets and back him into a corner. That doesn’t excuse his reaction but certainly contextualises it. If Putin no longer feels the need to stamp his military feet in order to be taken seriously that can only be a good thing. It may not happen, but the possibility of Trump talking him back from the brink is a reason for hope not despair.

There are people who should be very worried indeed about Trump. They are largely the same people who have something to fear from Brexit. Huge corporations who have put their own interests above the interests of the people in the countries that spawned them may find that vested interest is no longer a currency.

The Left’s ability to claim the poor and the minority voters as their birth right are in for a nasty shock. Latinos and African Americans didn’t obey the dog whistle that the Democrats and the media blew for all their worth. They appeared to decide what Trump meant for themselves rather than blithely accepting the official version.

Most of all Republicans who thought they could prevent an outsider from upsetting their comfortable consensus should look to their laurels.

For the rest of us time will tell. Golden opportunities are rare and then suddenly three come along at once. We have the opportunity to be led by a competent woman; free of the shackles of a corrupt cartel; with a President who actually likes us. Three golden opportunities to forge a new future. Time to take them.